We Are The Best IPTV Provider , We Offer Multiple Subscriptions For IPTV Services Depending On Your Budget, Network And More. Up To 8000+ HD Channels, VOD And Series Available.



6000+ channels and 90+ Buckets Contains movies, series and many interesting programs.

Stable servers

For all modern devices: smartphone, smart TV, Android Box, MAG 25X, STB, computer and tablet. 

Free trial

Free trial available. So if you want to see what you buy, send us an email for a trial.

Why Choose for the THEgemIPTV

All channels including all pay channels in HD and 4K, 24/7 films and series and 24 trial period. You can cancel your current TV subscription, no expensive TV subscriptions with your current TV provider. You only need internet to watch your favorite channels Plug & Play.


Smart TV

Watch TV via your Samsung, LG and Sony, Philips, Panasonic and SmartTVs with an Android or Tizen operating system. Try now 24 hours and without obligation.


Installation is simple we can do this, or you can follow the instructions that are also on the site. Depends on what you purchase.

PC & Laptop

Whether you use an Apple product, PC or laptop you can use our TV services at all times! As long as you have an IPTV application at your disposal.


Watch TV on your smartphone (Android, iPhone, iPad and all other iOS devices) Ask about the possibilities, it’s all possible!


The only requirement is internet with a speed of at least 4 Mb/s.

Save now!

You can cancel your current TV subscription. Switch to the cheapest way to watch TV now!

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